For: The Parklife Weekender

For 3-2-1, Parklife grabs one of this year’s most exciting acts for 5 minutes and finds out what’s taking their fancy right now.

Our first catch-up is with Danny Byrd, star of Hospital Records and a DJ we’re thrilled to be welcoming back to Parklife this Summer! Danny released the huge double A-side single ‘Grit’/’Love You Like This’ back in January and is set to release his third album later this year

3 Current Floor Fillers

Delphic – Baiya (Brookes Brothers remix) (Chimeric)

A wicked remix from the Brothers, with sick vocal effects and a great little chime before the drop. It’s got a refreshing arrangement amongst some of the more generic DnB around at the moment.

Danny Byrd feat Serocee – Make it Weighty (Unreleased)

It’s always biased to include your own tunes but I rolled this out in such a short 24-hour period that it doesn’t feel like my tune! 4×4 Bass stomper meets Serocee’s unmistakable dancehall flow.

Serum + Bladerunner  – Heavy Duty (Audio Warfare)

One of those Bristol 90s-influenced tunes that you’re totally not going to get on laptop speakers but will sound awesome on the Parklife sound system 3dbs into the red!

2 Current favourite DJs

Andy C – Always an obvious choice, but I saw Andy play at the DnB awards recently and it’s always an inspiring thing to behold.

London Elektricity – I saw Tony play a wicked set in Slovakia a few weeks ago (Hospitality Slovakia, in Bratislava) and he progressed the set perfectly for 2hrs. Playing an all-vinyl set made the bass seem that bit heavier!

1 favourite thing about the summer

I think the best thing about the summer months is the late evening walks you can still have at 9pm. I remember in 2010, I played Parklife when the weather was amazing. You can’t beat music in the sunshine! Luckily the English have it even if the weather is terrible. In a weird way I think we get a twisted enjoyment from it sometimes! Ha! 🙂